Costal Line Generator v1.0

This program was insipred by an algorithm found in a book by Francis S. Hill, Jr. (Computer Graphics, Macmillan Publishing Company, 1990) [Rhodes main Library 006.6 HIL] and generates random coast lines based on used input. The layout leaves much to be desired I am afraid, but this is basically how it works:

Draw in the LHS of the Applet by clicking your mouse in that area. The line style used (to model some inland boundaries) can be changed at the bottom and in also displayed by different colour. The resulting coast can then be seen in the purple area. The parameters to change the coast can be altered in the green area. The buttons below are:

  • Normal
  • Seed
  • Random     
  • Reset

- Draw with standard random seed
- Draw with Seed given in RandSeed Field
- Draw with a Random Seed
- Restore to original


A new drawing can be started with the new-button beneath the original drawing area. This is just a little test to play around with Java and because the idea of adding random detail (reproduceable if possible) to a scene may come in handy at a later stage of my Master's Thesis.

Any comments welcome: