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  author = {Holger Winnem{\"o}ller},
  abstract = {In this report we examine the effects of color constancy for images 
              displayed on computer monitors, particularly CRT devices. The 
              motivation for this work is based upon Edwin Land's Retinex 
              Theory which attempts to explain color constancy in human perception. 
              Using Land's theory, we can create images with a severely undersampled 
              color space (down to a full omission of one color component) that are 
              still appropriately interpreted by the human observer. Possible 
              applications of this are compression schemes as well as image 
              enhancement techniques, some of which are already known. We present 
              a simple web-based testing scheme to verify the viability of displaying 
              duo-chrome (e.g. extreme color undersampling) images on CRT devices in 
              different environmental settings. Some results and possible 
              interpretations of these results are also presented.},
  month = {September},
  year = 2003,
  title = {Testing Effects of Color Constancy for Images Displayed on {CRT}
  number = {CS03-03-00},
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