BibTex Entry:

  author       = "Winnem{\"o}ller, Holger and Orzan, Alexandrina and Boissieux, Laurence and Thollot, Jo{\"e}lle",
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  abstract	 =    {We present a complete system for designing and manipulating regular or near-regular textures in 2D images.
			We place emphasis on supporting creative workflows that produce artwork from scratch. As such, our system
			provides tools to create, arrange, and manipulate textures in images with intuitive controls, and without requiring
			3D modeling. Additionally, we ensure continued, non-destructive editability by expressing textures via a fully
			parametric descriptor. We demonstrate the suitability of our approach with numerous example images, created by
			an artist using our system, and we compare our proposed workflow with alternative 2D and 3D methods.}