BibTex Entry:

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  abstract = {We present work that specifically pertains to the rendering
             stage of stylised, non-photorealistic sketching. While a
             substantial body of work has been published on geometric
             optimisations, surface topologies, space-algorithms and natural
             media simulation, rendering-specific issues are rarely discussed
             in-depth even though they are often acknowledged. We investigate
             the most common stylised sketching approaches and identify
             possible rendering optimisations. In particular, we define
             uncertainty-functions, which are used to describe a human-error
             component, discuss how these pertain to geometric perturbation
             and textured silhouette sketching and explain how they can be
             cached to improve performance. Temporal coherence, which poses a
             problem for textured silhouette sketching, is addressed by means
             of an easily computed visibility-function. Lastly, we produce an
             effective yet surprisingly simple solution to seamless hatching,
             which commonly presents a large computational overhead, by using
             3-D textures in a novel fashion. All our optimisations are
             cost-effective, easy to implement and work in conjunction with
             most existing algorithms.},
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