BibTex Entry:

  author = {Holger Winnem{\"o}ller},
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  title = {Practical Gesture Recognition for Controlling Virtual Environments},
  note = {Honours Thesis, submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements
         for the degree of Bachelor of Science (Honours) of Rhodes University.},
  school = {Rhodes University, South Africa},
  abstract = {This thesis takes a practical approach to gesture recognition.
             Emphasis is placed on applicability and usability. In order to
             discuss practical aspects of gesture recognition, a theoretical
             3-D modelling application is examined. Two different gesture
             recognition systems are introduced, extended and compared in an
             extensive field-test. These systems both have the characteristics
             of being computationally simple (fast, little demands on
             resources) while remaining reliable and extendable. Recognition-
             and success-rates in the high 90%'s can be achieved. Learning and
             adaptation to new gestures is automated successfully for both
             systems. Useful results concerning the choice of gestures,
             features and other system-relevant variables are obtained.
             Problems with general view-dependent interaction and
             modelling-specific vertex-selection are discussed and solutions
  keywords = {Virtual Reality, Gesture Recognition, Gesture Learning,
             Gestures, Features, Result Validation, Voting Recogniser,
             Size-Function Recogniser, Vertex Selection, Selection-Shape
             Approximation, View-Dependent Mapping, 3-D Modelling}