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 abstract = {Recent extensions to the standard Difference-of-Gaussians (DoG) edge detection operator have rendered
		it less susceptible to noise and increased its aesthetic appeal for stylistic depiction applications.
		Despite these advances, the technical subtleties and stylistic potential of the DoG operator are
		often overlooked. This paper reviews the DoG operator, including recent improvements, and offers
		many new results spanning a variety of styles, including pencil-shading, pastel, hatching, and binary
		black-and-white images. Additionally, we demonstrate a range of subtle artistic effects, such as
		ghosting, speed-lines, negative edges, indication, and abstraction, and we explain how all of these
		are obtained without, or only with slight modifications to an extended DoG formulation. In all cases,
		the visual quality achieved by the extended DoG operator is comparable to or better than those of
		systems dedicated to a single style.},