BibTex Entry:

 author = {Holger Winnem\"{o}ller and David Feng and Bruce Gooch and Satoru Suzuki},
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abstract = {We present a psychophysical experiment to determine the effectiveness
		of perceptual shape cues for rigidly moving objects in an interactive,
		highly dynamic task. We use standard non-photorealistic
		(NPR) techniques to carefully separate and study shape cues common
		to many rendering systems. Our experiment is simple to
		implement, engaging and intuitive for participants, and sensitive
		enough to detect significant differences between individual shape
		cues. We demonstrate our experimental design with a user study. In
		that study, participants are shown 16 moving objects, 4 of which are
		designated targets, rendered in different shape-from-X styles. Participants
		select targets projected onto a touch-sensitive table. We
		find that simple Lambertian shading offers the best shape cue in
		our user study, followed by contours and, lastly, texturing. Further
		results indicate that multiple shape cues should be used with care,
		as these may not behave additively.}