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 abstract  = {We present an automatic, real-time video and image abstraction 
              framework that abstracts imagery by modifying the contrast of 
              visually important features, namely luminance and color 
              opponency. We reduce contrast in low-contrast regions using 
              an approximation to anisotropic diffusion, and artificially 
              increase contrast in higher contrast regions with difference-
              of-Gaussian edges. The abstraction step is extensible and 
              allows for artistic or data-driven control. Abstracted images 
              can optionally be stylized using soft color quantization to 
              create cartoon-like effects with good temporal coherence. Our 
              framework design is highly parallel, allowing for a GPU-based, 
              real-time implementation. We evaluate the effectiveness of our 
              abstraction framework with a user-study and find that 
              participants are faster at naming abstracted faces of known 
              persons compared to photographs. Participants are also better 
              at remembering abstracted images of arbitrary scenes in a 
              memory task.},
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