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  abstract	= {To create collections, like music playlists from personal
		media libraries, users today typically do one of two things. They either manually select 
		items one-by-one, which can be time consuming, or they use an example-based recommendation 
		system to automatically generate a collection. While such automatic engines are convenient, 
		they offer the user limited control over how items are selected. Based on prior research and 
		our own observations of existing practices, we propose a semi-automatic interface for creating 
		collections that combines automatic suggestions with manual refinement tools. Our system 
		includes a keyword query interface for specifying high-level collection preferences (e.g., 
		"some rock, no Madonna, lots of U2,") as well as three example-based collection refinement 
		techniques: 1) a suggestion widget  for adding new items in-place in the context of the 
		collection; 2) a mechanism for exploring alternatives for one or more collection items; and 
		3) a two-pane linked interface that helps users browse their libraries based on any selected 
		collection item. We demonstrate our approach with two applications. SongSelect helps users 
		create music playlists, and PhotoSelect  helps users select photos for sharing. Initial user 
		feedback is positive and confirms the need for semi-automated tools that give users control 
		over automatically created collections.},